The Cross – The Most Effective Weapon Against Sin.

The Jews chose Barnabas not knowing they were actually choosing redemption. Observe this with me, Barnabas would represent us, the sinful world and then Jesus, the lamb to be slain for our sins. So instead of us receiving condemnation, Jesus took that! Such a reckless demonstration of love!

It’s always amazes me how little we understand what really happened at the cross. Man was plunging deeper and deeper into sin with no escape of the punishment to come. We were time bombs just waiting to detonate. A judgement we couldn’t imagine was wrapped in the thing we desired most, sin. Just as the government promotes the slogan, ‘Are you drinking yourself sick?’ This is to bring awareness that the sweetness in your drink might just be your terminator. However, the consequences of sin isn’t probable, it’s sure.

Then here comes Jesus, like a gentleman opens the door before we even attempt it, leading the way to life everlasting. It wasn’t easy to bleed out until all the substance in Him left. He waited in pain until every last one of us past, present and future had access to His grace. And yet some of us hide our faces from the truth of our reality, like an ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand hoping the world won’t see it.

With this knowledge, I did some reflection, is this distraction, sin, excuse from entering in His presence worth it? Is it all that satifying? Do they love me more than Him? Do they want the best for me like him? Are they willing to sacrifice so much just for me? I think not. I made a promise to myself not to entangle myself back in things that led Jesus to the cross. I cannot afford to crucify Him again.

Precious one, grace is in abundance at the cross! Afterall He cried out it is finished! What are you waiting on to access that power? It all comes by faith. Don’t just aim to know about the cross but let it work in you. The blood still works!

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5 thoughts on “The Cross – The Most Effective Weapon Against Sin.

  1. Of a fact, we often forget yet alone fail to make the time to meditate on the effects of ‘The Cross’.

    This post has brought to remembrance so many songs/quotes that points to Christ’s shameful yet glorious death on the cross.

    It is with all these in mind that we CAN live above sin! That, as you mentioned, not entangle ourselves with the very things that sent Him to the cross.

    Singing: ‘In the cross be my glory ever ’til my raptured soul shall find rest beyond the river’…’for the cross makes the difference for me’.

    Thanks Shan

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