Celebrating Individuality, Understanding Our Identity – Who Are You?

“You can’t do anything right!” screamed her thoughts. Rachel was once again beating up herself after failing another test.

She started say, “Why can’t you be more like Anna?” You see, Rachel had been depressed for quite sometime and it had started to affect her relationships, her work and studies.

She decided to talk with her friend Sarah about it in detail.

Rachel sobbed painfully, “I feel so hallow,” she broke off and took a gasping breath, “…and helpless, it’s like I am watching someone else’s life fall apart . I don’t quite know how to explain, it’s like I um… I am empty but drowning at the same time.”

A lot of things came up in the conversation but the greatest discovery was, Rachel was living a life that she wasn’t contented with. It seems her major decisions were based on expectations rather than inherent desires.

Sarah then asked, “What do you want?” Rachel hesitated, she hadn’t really thought of that before.

Sarah gently prompted her further, “Who are you Rachel?” Rachel thought it was rather absurd for her friend to ask her that after knowing her for three years now but the more she thought of an answer, the more one seemed to evade her. She started rubbing the circle of her gold wrist watch nervously.

Rachel, slowly lifting her eyelids to see her friend, who had a very concerned look on her face, said, “Sarah, I… I don’t know”.

Who Are You?

Many of us find ourselves in the same position as Rachel. We have lost touch of the things we once valued, it seems we have lost purpose, meaning and a sense of self. Or did we even have a correct perspective in the first place? There is no easy definition for identity. Some say it is learnt acceptable thoughts and behaviors, a perception, a role accepted but I don’t always trust google. If all we are, are learnt behaviors and nothing more than just another person in this world, is our existence of any value? Do we have a right to say we are special? I am hoping we will develop a coherent definition of the concept of identity together or even come close to one.

What Makes You, You?

Is it the color of your eyes or skin or the frame of your body? Possibly, is it your ideologies and internal value system? Maybe it could be it be your favorite things or your preferences? Would you still be you if you had different beliefs, desires, body shape, gender? I guess what I am getting at is, your identity is determined by every aspect of your physicality, personality, preferences, character and mind.

How Did You Become Who You Are?

We are the sum of all the experiences we have had and will have. Our identity started long before we were born. Christians theorize we were known to God before time. (Jer. 1:5) Others believe our identity started from the womb and some after birth. Christians and others agree that the mother plays a very important role in the life of a child. Happier mothers gave birth to happier babies. So, does our childhood affect how we perceive ourselves? This leads us to next week’s focus. Are the problems facing Rachel somehow related to how she was grown? Follow the blog to find out! Thanks to the friends who shared their ideas and editorial skills in compiling this post. Remember, you are precious.

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