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The Bridgerton Effect

Before you think I am here to judge you if you have watched it, I have read the book and many others too from the author. This is what I would say to my younger self before I read, “The Duke and I.”

Would It Make A Difference?

I’d like to convince you to read your bible, but I am careful to not approach it loosely. Bible reading is a spiritual discipline. But that is who I want to appeal to in this post, your spiritual man. Has it not been miserably unpredictable to fight without a Sword? This year has tried us and some of us found we weren’t gold but bramble. Yes, we have tried Bible reading before, but what if we did that consistently? What if we mixed discipline, the Word and faith? Would it make a difference?

Reconciling with the Past: Remembering

Christ has become the rock we are building upon. However, when saved, our past remained in our memories, forgiven and forgotten by God, yes, but not by us. The mistakes, the hurts, the pain, our offenders and the ones we offended take permanent residence in our minds, skewing our outlook and damaging our relationship to God and others.

The Elephant in Our Prayer Rooms

I have planned my life. I know exactly the things I want to accomplish. I never realized the implications of this until I started being more consistent in prayer. There was a distance I didn’t feel before. I know the battle of wills is what prayer is about, but this was new, well new requests… More

Thorns of Pleasure

Connecting with someone before they get whisked into a meeting is less than ideal when they reveal something you had been blind to.  She told me she was once as into ‘it’ as I am. That my expressions were once hers. Sadness played on her smile as she continued. Something pushed her away from it,… More

Nugget Wisdom from Megan Samuels-Webb

I am so happy to share this insightful interview with Meagan, a new momma and wife! Let’s go meet her! 1. Where are you from? How long have you been saved and describe yourself in three words? I’m from Westmoreland where I attend Bethel House of Prayer but I’m residing in St Ann and attend… More

Friendship Lessons from Sarcastic Job, Peas and a Donkey

Jesus was a selective person. He loved the multitude, chose twelve disciples, then three more for his inner circle and the disciple that spent a lot of time on his bosom. I was not sure how that worked, my need for space restricted my imagination in it being a pleasant experience. But the scholars explain that it’s not… More